Bad Choices

Flight is one of my favorite movies. It features Denzel Washington who plays Whip Whitaker, a pilot who suffers from alcohol addiction and a failed father. Throughout the movie, he makes several mistakes and big life-making choices. Here we are going to discuss the difficult choices Mr. Whitaker took in the movie Flight.
At the beginning of the movie, it shows Mr. Whitaker and his co-workers starting a normal workday on a plane, preparing for a flight. Everyone is happy and joyful, not thinking about any potential danger that could happen. Generally people every day never think about anything that could go wrong until it happens to them, much like tires popping while driving on the road. The co-pilot, however, thought something felt a little off about Mr. Whitaker. His flight crew depart from the gate and start taxing to their runway. They get clearance to take off and up, up and away they go. Shortly after takeoff, they encounter a severe thunderstorm. Mr. Whitaker manages to power full speed through the storm, even overspeeding, with an insane amount of turbulence. The plane gets through the storm safely with all the passengers and crew clapping with excitement and relief. Moments after this dilemma, Mr. Whitaker falls asleep. He sleeps for about 30 minutes. At the end of those 30 minutes, the crew faces, yet, another dilemma. Their flaps that control the pitch, or the up and down motion of the plane, gets jammed. Mr. Whitaker wakes up from his small nap and the co-pilot discloses this information to him. Mr. Whitaker suggests taking full control over the plane. This sends the plane into a nosedive, a dangerous nosedive. The two pilots get the plane to stabilize for a very short brief of time before going straight back into a nosedive. This leads Mr. Whitaker to decide to dump the fuel, decreasing weight, and “roll the plane.” The co-pilot thinks Mr. Whitaker is crazy. They dump the fuel and flip the plane upside down leaving the plane inverted. With the jammed flap stuck in the downward position, this allowed the plane to increase altitude again. They flip the plane once more in an upright position and crash in a field. Mr. Whitaker wakes up in a hospital and finds that he saved the lives of everyone but two crew members and five passengers.
Most people find Mr. Whitaker to be a hero in this case, which in a way he is, but before the flight he was intoxicated. Drinking and driving are already bad enough, but while flying is even worse. Mr. Whitaker shows up to court days after the crash, intoxicated as well. The majority of the evidence from the crash point towards Mr. Whitaker not being intoxicated, however, two bottles of alcohol were found in a trash can that only the flight crew could access. The court suspected it to be one of the crew members that died.

Mr. Whitaker could have gotten away from a jail sentence, but he was honest with himself and suffered the consequences of his actions. He needed to get help with his alcohol addiction for himself and others around him in his life, most importantly his son. He made a lot of bad choices in his life but this is the best one.

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