Brave Enough to Stand Out

Inspiration comes from personal life experiences but I think that we define ourselves more based on what we like to read or watch. Books and movies help shape a part of we are and can help influence what choices we make in life. You would not think that media and literature would have such impact in our lives but its true. The movie that made a big impact in my life was Disney and Pixar’s Brave. I thought it was a typical movie about a Disney princess that finds her true love, defeats the evil villain and lives happily ever after but it was not. This movie was different. The story was about a girl named Merida ,daughter to the King and Queen of Scotland, who sets on a journey to change her path from age old traditions. She was a princess but unlike any other princess I had seen on the screen. She refused to get married to a stranger because although it was her tradition , she knew that an arranged marriage was not the path to go. I resonated with this movie a lot because I knew about what it was like to follow age old traditions. I am American but my parents being from Mexico , we usually follow Mexican tradition and culture. One of the traditions that was instilled in me was that women’s only goal in life is to learn to cook and clean so that she is able to find a husband and have children. Most women in my family were married at a young age with very little education and knowledge about the world. My family’s expectation of me was to be married by 18. I knew that I did not want to go down that path. When I thought about my future I was not thinking of age old traditions , I wanted something different and better for myself. I was lucky enough that not everyone in the family was thinking about culture and traditions. My mother supported my dreams to go to college and obtain a career. She wanted me to have something better for myself. She did not want me to have the life she had because she knew I would not be happy or satisfied with a life like that. Over time I was able to talk to and convince other family members that it is okay to change your way of doing things besides our traditional way. I was able to finish high school something most of the adults in our family never had the opportunity to do so. I had decided to keep striving towards my goal, which was to be the first in the family to graduate from college. I was the only girl on my dad’s side of the family to actually go of to college. I was able to inspire more of my cousins on my mother side to go to college and finish high school. They looked up to me because they felt how I felt and I did not feel like the only one anymore.

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