Children and Technology

The children of today and tomorrow have an abundant amount of resources compared to children a couple decades ago. Opportunities are everywhere children and even adults are learning from a computer everyday. Technology entered the classrooms and provided every student to see the world around them in their own school. Technology is available at local libraries no matter how small the library is there is a chance there are a few computers available for use. Within those computers are numerous resources online to learn and grow as a person. Adults and even some children are learning online and even getting certificates to put on their resumé. Although children don’t need to be worrying about certificates in their resumé, children should be using technology to help them learn about anything they want. Throughout my elementary school years up until high school there were always teachers there to assist me in whatever curiosities I had in the world. Why things are the way they are and how are people able to do the things they do. If the teachers didn’t know the answer they would look it up online to see what everyone else thinks about those topics as well as experts in that field. Thus, all children should not be afraid to ask questions. Children should use technology to their advantage and ask the internet all their questions. Although some questions the internet won’t have the answer to , kids should be curious and should strive to never stop being curious. Technology helps people including children keep on learning even when school ended a while ago and keep on striving in whatever place in life they are in. Technology makes it possible that learning can happen anywhere anytime which is also great for kids to keep on going and striving in whatever they are learning.
Technology will provide children with many opportunities and the opportunities will only grow from here on out. Children need to have a mindset of wanting to go to school and wanting to go get educated and learn about new things. Even though there is technology everywhere even when one goes to the grocery store, one might feel a bit overwhelmed about everything technology has to offer. In that case children need to learn to take a step back and breath. Sometimes children need to go outside, run around and come back to find a newer outlook on technology. As the children get older they might start feeling overwhelmed faster and technology might be hitting them with a brick, but even so one needs to step back and see their goals. The internet is a great place to get inspired to do something one wanted to do for a long time. So as one grows one needs to know themselves and realize that throughout their life technology was there to help them learn faster and get their answers faster. So, children and later adults should always be taking technology for granted and keep learning and striving to get where they want to be.

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