Chilfren of Tomorrow

Children have a general understanding of how technology is used before they enter kindergarten as much as I had an understanding of how pen and paper were used. I find that the impact of technology on kids today is damaging but we can make it beneficial for the children of tomorrow. Technology is constantly changing and evolving where it becomes just as new to adults as it is to children. Technology is being treated as a material item more so than a tool. Information and entertainment are accessible in a split of a few seconds with a few touches of the screen. I think that this creates a problem with attention span because children have a hard time focusing and the immediacy of technological interactions allows for distraction. Technology provides instant responses and instant gratification which is impacting the attention span of children. With this comes a lack of privacy and opportunity for influencers online to connect with children. Websites require a certain amount of information prior to entering and children are unaware that their information is being sold or stolen online. What they type and share is documented whether it gets taken down or not. What children d and say online follows them to the real world. Social Media has been a platform in which bullies and innocent children interact in. This serves as an opportunity for “Cyber Bullying” to occur which has been trending upward and harassment to increase. Technology has created social interaction issues where children are having a hard time socializing face-to-face. It’s as if children prefer to communicate via technology than in person. I believe that this behavior creates an increased risk of separation and isolation. There has been a lack of children stepping out to play and run around. 2020 has forced children to remain inside and be glued to screens all around them; phones, tablets, computers, and tv. This causes an increased risk of obesity for there is more time being spent inside than there is time being spent outside. Children create habits of playing video games as oppose to joining recreational/school sports and exercising. Interaction with family is not encouraged and children then become dependent on technology. Children are now suffering from mental illness due to technology. There is an increased rate of depression associated with children who spend more time on social media. It has increased suicide rates which have led to mental health intervention which involves counseling and medication. Technology is serving as a distraction in school. I believe that the dependence on technology will have long-term detrimental effects. Students are spending more time on technology than they are with their homework. Students then struggle with learning how to read and write which takes a hit in academics where their grades being to fall.

However, I do believe that with proper instruction and supervision technology can be beneficial. We will learn what was wrong and what went wrong today and apply what we learned to our children of tomorrow. Teachers and parents can use technology as a tool to learn in a classroom setting. I am talking about expanding concepts, creating different ways of learning, and using technology as a way of motivation. This type of classroom setting will create an inverse relationship in which teachers adapt to technology and students adapt to a new way of schooling. There can be many educational elements that technology can provide such as tv programming or applications on phones or tablets. This will expose children of tomorrow to develop their minds and be taught new things. The type of games that creates the practice needed for success down the road. This technology will present constructive problems for children and allow them to work on their decision-making skills and problem-solving skills. Video games can be created that can help with how children develop their visual-spatial skills. These can create skills that will be beneficial for their success down the road. I am talking about navigating, driving a car, and have a sense of awareness.

Children of tomorrow will have a space of technology where it is widely accepted and receive skills that will be needed in the future. Children of today need to show the children of tomorrow the potential technology offers at a young age. They will be better prepared for the future and the opportunities that arise. There will be a high demand for professionals in technology because it will grow as it is flourishing now. So, with proper instruction and supervision, children of tomorrow will be ready for a new generation. I think this can be done if children of today ease the access of technology to the children of tomorrow. Better software for better security which will serve as a safe playground online.

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