COVID-19, Technology, and Kids

Technology has impacted children’s education, opportunities, and character. I attended Euclid Elementary located in City Heights. During my time in elementary, I witnessed a sudden insertion of technology starting with tablets, online math practice, and eventually, teachers obtained Smartboards with microphones. When I used these resources and witnessed my sibling using these I realized how much technology can allow us to do. Which leads me to reflect on my high school community service. As the Outreach Officer of my Robotics team this year I had to create community service projects through Zoom. While I was looking into creating these projects I realized the number of websites such as Khan Academy has free educational videos. This led to encouragement in all my community service projects for the students who attended to look into the internet for free resources. When I used these free resources I felt the joy of not having to burden my family with the costs of learning coding or other skills I enjoyed. However, despite these benefits technology allows us to do so many things that children witness so many things. When they learn to use technology they have a higher chance to witness inappropriate or bad influences. These bad influences can range from famous influencers or content online. Eventually, technology affects these children by creating a mindset that certain actions might be fine if people are being rude or inappropriate online. This is being addressed through parental controls. Finally, COVID-19 comes into play as the prime example of allowing technology to take over most of a kid’s day. Most kids spend their time at school and due to the pandemic children had for months spent their whole day online. I myself spent hours online for classes and assignments. When I experienced I realized that the current technology we have is designed in a way where it seems more convenient to not interact in person. Technology has impacted the development of the youth however technology is something humanity made which means since we made it we can change it to create more of a positive impact.

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