Empty Juice Boxes and Pixie Hollow

Whether it be programming to designing, technology is an important part of who I am. In elementary school, I was obsessed with two things: Pixie Hollow and Vocaloids. As my interest grew, my knowledge of CS expanded as I began to produce music, code, create 3D models. My exploration of a new activity on the Internet pushed us to embrace our creativity.

Although I grew out of Vocaloids and Pixie Hollow, those phases had a lasting impact by introducing me to applied computing. In fifth grade, I helped create a rewrite of Pixie Hollow. Meanwhile, animating MMDs taught me CAD. I find that my creativity manifests itself when I am developing CS projects. Computer science is with creativity and rational thought. Whether it be genomics to mathematics, computer science can connect with any field to make something incredible!

Even now, I find myself constantly growing through technology. Every day, I try to watch a documentary or read a research paper. The web is an unlimited world of knowledge of which we can partake! The internet helped me find my identity, program websites, and embrace my curiosity. Though it has it’s faults, technology has created a space for discovery, growth, and curiosity. Gen-Z has used technology for greatness and I cannot wait to see what else we can achieve.

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