“Eye In The Sky”

In some classes teachers play movies for their students to watch. Sometimes they are beneficial, or the students end up falling asleep within the first thirty minutes. In my humanities 202 class at Portland Community College our teacher made us watch a couple of movies, but there was this one particular movie that truly affected me and opened my eyes. I am from a Middle Eastern family, more specifically Yemen and in my home country there has been a war going on for many years now, resulting in the largest famine in the world. Children and families are dying every day because they can’t find the smallest amount of food to survive. This has always been something I knew but never really paid that much attention to hoping it would go away in a while. This movie named “Eye In The Sky” is about a war where a family in Kenya is placed at risk. Throughout the entire movie the United States is attempting to target a terrorist group in Kenya, but trying to minimize the kill zone, the zone around where civilians live, they want to make sure that they don’t kill innocent civilians. Throughout the entire movie, I was thinking about all the countries in the world that are getting bombed and struggling to make ends meet. There was a girl in this movie that played a large role in the United States decisions, the little girl was just helping her mother sell bread out on the road to try and make a living with her family. This girl is so innocent, she adores her parents and would do anything to help them. She doesn’t go to school, merely plays out in her yard all day. In the end, the girl ends up getting critically injured during the bombing, leading to her death, she was just selling bread. Imagine her parents hearing that noise and running out seeing their little girl covered in blood, as I write this it brings me to tears. I have realized how truly blessed I am for even the smallest of things. The pilots that released the bombs left their positions scarred for life, it had been their first day. A young girl killed because she had “just been in the way”. This is the life for many children around the world. In Yemen, this is happening to the kids, I see it all over social media, my family talks about it, we try and help but we can’t do much from here. This movie has impacted me dramatically and changed the way I think about the things around me, even the smallest things. I make sure to never underestimate others who knows what’s happening in their life; they might be going through so much. I have come to appreciate the littlest things like being able to see my mom and dad every day when I wake up, or even have the privilege to walk outside and get the mail with no fear of getting shot. I am understanding. In the end, everyone around us has their own story that we should not judge. We need to understand to be thankful for what we have because others might not even have it. I truly believe many of us don’t understand how much we have, everything else we get is something we want, not need. We need to understand this together and bring awareness in the world especially during these difficult times, and maybe by doing that we can help others around the world too.

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