Finding Passion in Life

In one of my favorite movies titled Soul, the main character, Joe, who has had a passion his whole life revolving around being able to play jazz and become a successful musician, unexpectedly falls into a world where new souls are born and old souls retire. He found himself in this other realm moments before the time he anticipated his whole life, where he would be able to prove to his mom and himself that those years he dedicated to music finally paid off. Trapped in the “afterlife” world and expected to “retire” his soul, Joe fearfully and urgently tries to travel back to his regular life with the help of a soul who has no passion named 22. This soul, 22, was stubbornly convinced there was no beauty in life and that it was truly meaningless. Thus, because 22 believed life was simply hopeless for her, she had nothing left to lose and decided to assist Joe. However, during this long journey, Joe and 22 both discover life-changing epiphanies – Joe realizes the true meaning of living his life, while 22 finally becomes aware of her purpose.

The difficult decision Joe had to make was to either continue pursuing his own passion for jazz and return to the ultimate moment of his life, or guide 22 towards finding and achieving her own happiness, in which Joe chose the latter. By choosing to sacrifice his happiness, he found true contentment seeing 22 become a soul completely filled with a loving passion for her life and was able to be content with giving up his lifetime dreams.

Joe’s decision ultimately led to not only his happiness, but 22’s as well. Although it was an extremely difficult choice for Joe, he was able to overcome his lifetime dreams, to which I was left in tears seeing how selfless he was. Seeing how passionate 22 had become about life and realizing the true purpose of having a life was to appreciate the little things opened up a new perspective regarding my own life. I had always believed that my goal in life was to become successful, find happiness in having a stable career and surrounding myself with abundances of monetary items. Seeing how 22 had grown to appreciate the little things in life, such as the changing of leaves as the season passes or the taste of the most delicious foods, showed me that there are better things to look forward to. I realized that life is not limited to living in luxury and being successful–it is about loving the little moments. The littlest details in life are what make up life itself.

Knowing that Joe did the right thing through compromising his dreams in order to give 22 the chance at living her life and loving the simple things of life comforts me. If it were not for his sacrifice, I do not think 22 or I would have been able to become appreciative about the little things in life and fully live our lives before it was too late.

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