Growing Up With Technology

During the 20th century humanity saw the advantages and disadvantages of advancing technology. Looking back we see the technology of last century as outdated and archaic. Being born at the start of the 21st Century, I experienced the conveniences of modern technology. I remember when my Uncle first bought an Iphone and was showing it off at a family party. Everyone at the party thought it was the coolest thing because it had a touch screen and didn’t use buttons. Now, ten years later, everyone has smart phones with touch screens and they are a normal part of society. My little sister, who is nine, tells me about how all her friends at school have an Iphone and about how bad she wants one. When I was her age my friends and I would exchange numbers and call over landline. Nowadays kids are growing up with more advanced and available technology. This comes with a plethora of advantages and disadvantages. One positive effect is that kids can now have better communication with their parents. With just a few taps a child can call or message their parents in seconds. This goes for having communication with anyone in the world as well. Kids can connect with others online and create friendships. These friendships are usually exclusively online and not in the real world. This will have a detrimental effect on the social skills of the next generation because people are so used to communicating online. I could list many more negative affects about the impact of kids with technology, but I feel like the pros outweigh the cons. Technology has advanced education making it easier for children to learn. It can help with problem-solving skills and memorization.
The future of the world will be the internet and technology. Kids growing up now are all familiar with how to use a computer or smartphone. Because of this they will be prepared for the future when we use technology even more. With the decline of blue collar jobs due to technological advances, it’s evident that most good-paying jobs in the future will be with technology. We already see that today, most of the top paying current jobs are with programming for technology.
The advancement of technology always comes with costs and benefits. The impact that the technology of this generation has on children is mostly positive. Most of the annoying inconveniences that people a hundred years ago faced are now mostly obsolete due to advances in technology. Children can grow up with more comfortable lives now due to this instead of having to work. They can also communicate with anyone making them more sociable. Kids can now learn better and more efficiently leading to educational success. I personally have benefited from a new technical age of education. Most of my work is online and I do only classes because of the pandemic. If a pandemic happened and we didn’t have technology such as computers my level of education would not be at where it is today.

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