How My Hero Academia Exemplifies Choice

The idea of choice is one that everyone has to go in one major way or another. From “What should I have for breakfast?” to “Where should I apply for a job?”, choices are important and help determine how your life will continue. The movie “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising”, from the anime “My Hero Academia”, follows a world where nearly every person has a special superpower called a quirk, as well as the politics and crises that arise from such. At the climax of the movie, the main character, Izuku Midoriya, is forced into a terrible situation by a villain, putting his and potentially many others’ lives at risk. As a result, he has to make a decision on whether he should transfer his special quirk, given to him by number 1 hero All Might, to his childhood friend Bakugo. He ends up choosing to give up his quirk, allowing them to beat the villain and save an island’s worth of people. While at first, I was taken aback by his choice to give away his quirk, the more I considered it, Midoriya did the strongest thing he could by sacrificing his quirk.

While I was in the theater, I was a bit let-down at Midoriya’s choice, but as I thought about it, I believe it to be an incredibly important decision. In the “My Hero Academia” show, Midoriya is born as one of the twenty percent of people who do not have quirks. Despite such, he strived to be a hero. When a villain causes Midoriya and All Might’s paths to merge, All Might sees that Midoriya has the heroic nature that he stands for. He grants the quirk known as “One for All” to Midoriya, which we later learn, has been passed down through several generations of vestiges to fight the evil forces of an ultra-powerful villain known as All for One. Over time, Midoriya manages to make the quirk his own, until “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising”, when he is forced to transfer his quirk to save everyone from the villain “Nine”. If he did not transfer the quirk, the entire world may have been at risk. However, in the process of the fight, he ends up losing the quirk almost permanently after a massive scuffle with Nine, nearly losing the only chance he had to become a true hero.

In my opinion, this choice is truly awe-inspiring. Midoriya put his potential of becoming a hero on the line to save lives, which truly makes him the hero he aspired to be. This decision was an act of true selflessness, and is one of the best character showcases in the entire series. I feel like a choice like this is one that people should make more often. While saving the world may be a bit of hyperbole in the real world, being selfless enough to put others ahead of yourself is a choice many should consider. Even the little things can go a long way in helping people in need. So, whenever you may find yourself faced with a powerful decision, consider those who your decision may help, and the right choice will come to you.

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