Impact of Technology- Children’s Opportunity To Thrive

Technology is a fascinating man-made phenomenon. It seems that only a decade ago, technology in the sense of social media and easy access to the web was brand new and unknown to humans. But, what many fail to know is technology has been around for decades. With the invention of the telephone, radio and even cameras to record sound and images that we take advantage of today, humans have been engulfed in the technology era. What can we say, technology has shaped who we are as a society and generations.
To answer the question on the impact of technology on kids today and tomorrow, there are many ways to go about this. Are we supposed to think positively, negatively, or neutral? Because, there is an answer to all three. Kids in today’s society have been implemented with the use of technology being accessible right at their fingertips. Due to the global pandemic in 2020, it seemed that the outside world was not accessible to people and away we went to quarantine in the safety of our homes. Without technology, kids wouldn’t have been able to connect with their peers and teachers for online school. With online classes, students used technology to learn, grow and adapt in a troubling time for not only them, but for the rest of the world. Kids also use technology to entertain and increase serotonin. At the click of the button, kids can play video games, watch television programs, engage with interactive learning programs and many more functions.
It is evident that with each generation, humans and the relationship with technology is increasing. Ask any 5 year old how to open a phone and access the camera to take pictures and they do it with ease. I found myself trying to teach my grandparents how to use Siri when it first came out, but the children I have nannied in the past were able to navigate through the web with ease and even figure out new gaming apps that I wasn’t even knowledgeable of. With this, comes some speculation for negativity. Social media and the internet has definitely implemented itself into today’s society. It seems that our phones, tablets and televisions are glued to humans hips, the euphoria of direct and immediate access to entertainment, pleasure and information is a treat that many of us consume. What we as a society have to be careful of, is too much access and overload of this phenomenon. Addiction to social media has become an increase over the past few years and children as young as two are glued to the screen, soaking up as much information as possible. While this can be a good thing in the entertainment and education area, over exposure may lead to kids and future kids being too adapted to the social media world instead of the real world, thus not being able to properly function away from the screens and lack in social and emotional skills learned from human interaction. But, with the right amount of exposure and proper modifications of what kids are consuming, technology is a very vital tool to help shape young generations’ minds and inspire more creations and versatility.
As for the kids of tomorrow, I sense that technology will be very implemented into how we as humans function, especially with the rate the world is going at right now. There will be new inventions to help ease humans’ needs and problems, new technologies for people to stay connected with one another and new discoveries in the medical fields to cure human issues. As the years go by and more and more technology comes out, generations will learn to adapt, conquer and thrive off of the new inventions that humans create. What is beneficial is the more technology that is implemented in everyday life, the easier and more beneficial it will be when generations younger than us will use the technology, enhance it, and be able to create and update new technologies to help humans for generations to come. The world is always evolving and upgrading, so if we as a society can positively raise children in a technology-positive world, the range of future doctors, lawyers, astronauts, inventors, scientists and many more beneficial careers will accompany the kids of the future.

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