Impact of Technology on Children Today

Technology is one field that continues to evolve. Back when I was born in 2002, the best our family had was a slow computer with a box screen. We would be lucky if we could open up the computer and play an online game in 10 minutes. Now in 2021, it is almost impossible to imagine life without a laptop, phone, or desktop computer. Advancements in technology have been massive from just the past 20 years and they continue to evolve. I actually want to be a part of the new changes in the technological sphere and major in electrical engineering. The effects of technology can be felt on kids today. It would have been unimaginable for me as a six year old to be handed a smartphone, but that is a reality for many children being born in today’s era. The impact that technology has had for children is boundless, but I would like to consider first the biggest problems that new technology creates for children, then the benefits and do an overall look at the situation.
When considering the downsides to having technology be so advanced for the youth, one of the largest would be the lack of interaction with other children face to face. I remember going to the park or spending time with the local neighborhood children. Because of the new technology, there is less of a need to meet up face to face. According to WGU Ohio, one of the major drawbacks to children having technology is that “Technology moves fast, instant responses and instant gratification are impacting attention spans for young children and teenagers alike”. Having lower attention span means that children growing up will have a harder time keeping focus on important topics in school or even in their everyday lives. There is no certain way to know the effects that this can cause, but most if not all effects of a shortened attention span are not good. Children are also “using technology and social media to bully other kids, without having to face them” (WGU Ohio). With cyberbullying, there is no way to shut it down except by getting away from technology which is getting harder with newer technologies.
With some of the major downsides considered, the benefits to technology should also be noted. One of the most important skills that will be developed is familiarity with new technologies. The reason this is so beneficial is because the more time someone spends with something, the better that they become with it. Technology is not going anywhere and to have more experience with it can give aspiring youth a way to get an advantage over each other when competing for a job position. With technology, there is also an ability to stay connected with friends and makes communication easier between people. This can be helpful for children to learn to keep important people always within arm’s reach. A major upside to technology for children that I see is that they are going to be the one’s replacing the previous generation in the workforce. With that being said, having the skills and background to technology can help the society as a whole achieve new heights and elevate the standard of living for all.
All in all, I believe that technology is a good thing for children to have access to. While it is important to address the negatives, there are too many positives to overlook and many of the downsides can be avoided if technology is used in moderation. I personally am excited to see where technology will continue to take the world. It really is amazing to think back to only 10 years ago and how much more advanced we are becoming with our knowledge of technology and being able to improve the world.

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