Impact of technology on today’s generations and future generations

Technology in my short lifetime of 17 years has evolved a lot more than the previous 50 years. In today’s world everyone has a smartphone which is the biggest change in the last 15 years as times are changing and this monumental change has only increased in the past few years. Today’s younger generations are for the most part glued to a screen which isn’t the right way to grow up. I hope in the future more parents of these children can realize that being glued to a screen although can be entertaining, can have long term effects. Don’t get me wrong Technology is a very important and reliable way that many people throughout the world can communicate and literally do anything they please at the press of a button. Something that can be beneficial for future generations is maybe a way to incorporate a way of education into the children’s apps. This seems like a genuine idea to me that can work if a developer can figure out a way to prevent the children from leaving this “teaching” app. A very important thing would be to educate our future generations and make sure they are keeping up with the advancing technology throughout the world which I believe can be reached with a type of class introduced in Elementary school dedicated to learning how to do simple coding, typing, and maybe even figuring out certain simple programs. The reason this could be beneficial is due to the evolving times many every day things such as grocery shopping can now be done online, this type of program while very beneficial can be very confusing which is why future generations should be taught how all forms of technology are somehow related and how these skills can be transitioned into real life situations. Additionally, certain instances can cause backlashes from technology, a prime example of this is how certain big name apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even a simple game like Angry Birds have the ability to steal information from you and can track your interests and even take important information from you such as any linked credit cards with the phone, your contact information, and even your exact location while you are on the app. Although this seems like a very big deal, not many people are aware of this information which can easily cause a stir within the big name companies and the consumers. Although this may discourage many people from using these app’s this type of information isn’t very widely known which should be changed. It’s important to give and spread this information to the younger generations so that they know the risks that come with using these apps. Although younger and future generations will more than likely revolve around technology it’s important to remember that always being behind a screen isn’t healthy. Younger and future generations can and will help change the technological world in my lifetime and hopefully they will proceed and help the world. Lol

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