It Isn’t Always Easy

When it comes to a good movie or book the climax and character development is a literary technique and device to portray the message into the viewers. There’s this book I love read, it’s called “Given”. After reading all the volumes I figured something that the main character is like me. A connection between the character and reader is something I learned in AP Literature. At the beginning of the book the main character is found sad and wonders around his school with a guitar he doesn’t know how to play, and dreams of the same thing night after night. However, one day he gets inspired by how this boy he met sitting down at the stairs playing his guitar. Along the way these two characters form a bond between their feelings and their musical talent, but the main character is still sad. The backstory that the main character has been dwellling on was to losing his lover to suicide for one simple mistake. Because he didn’t know how to play the guitar he took lessons from the boy he met on the stairs and wrote a song to his lover as a goodbye. The main character’s main character is Mafuyu and the boy he met is Uenoyama. Mafuyu proceeds to find a way out of dwelling in pain for his lost and finds it through Uenoyama showing him that there is more to life and that because of his lover death he shouldn’t give up now and to use that as motivation to embrace himself and to forgive his lover for commiting suicide. Mafuyu signs his song and breaks through all the pain he was suffering he chose to love those who have taught him how to play and understand music in such a short period but he main chose to allow himself a happy life to move on too. Leaving things behind for him was hard and even through his character development he chose to embrace himself for what is to come next, he chose courage to fight his past and forgive himself because he thought he was the reason why his lover died of him without saying a word. The expressions this book left me was that his choices were the right ones and that along the way he’ll continue to push himself because he deserves to be the boy who deserves another try to happiness and love.

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