Kat Stratford, Tempestuous

In 10 Things I Hate About You, Kat Stratford has to make the difficult decision of living for herself. As a freshman and after the death of her mother, Kat was strung into a relationship with popular sleazebag Joey Donner. As a result, she is pressured to lose her virginity and no longer feels like herself. From that point on Kat takes on an alternative, abrasive style that rejects social norms. This includes what college she gets into, which upsets her overprotective father when he finds that her college is across the country. I believe all these choices are choices Kat, and many other women, make in order to survive. Women tend to be constrained to a box of societal standards that they must adhere to; always be appealing to men while also being submissive to them despite their toxicity. Kat chose not to be suffocated by her father and rejected the standards her classmates like Joey placed on her despite backlash. Kat lived for herself, and is a model for other women to do the same.

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