Leaving Comfort

Following your dreams can be one of the most terrifying things one can decide to do. This is especially difficult to begin when you have been groomed to since you were a child to stay where you are familiar. In the movie Tangled, Rapunzel was faced with the decision of following her dreams or staying with the person who raised her to be completely dependent on her mother figure.
For the first eighteen years of Rapunzel’s life she stayed in a tower with only a window to see out to the sky and the surrounding woods. Mother Gothel made it clear to her that she was to never step foot outside of the tower and created stories about the dangerous world out past the woods. Rapunzel obliged and listened to her mother figure until she met Flynn Rider. She deceived Flynn into escorting her to see the lanterns released every year on her birthday in exchange for the tiara she stole from his possession. While on this journey her fear and guilt tormented her. On various occasions she considered returning to the tower and giving up on her dream in order to return to comfort and safety.
As she ventured on she gained more experience and was now able to see the world for herself. She was able to see the greed and evil that is in the world, but she was also exposed to the passion, joy, and freedom that lives in people as well. This opened her eyes to the many misconceptions she was made to believe by Mother Gothle. After her two day journey she made it to see the lanterns. She was amazed by the beautiful sight of the hundreds of lanterns floating around her. This was the moment that she had been looking forward to her whole life. This left her feeling the need for more adventure and to create more dreams. Her tower and small restricted life was now undesirable. Following her dreams gave her the chance to see what the world had to offer. This was the first glimpse into the life that she wanted to live and all the possibilities she had yet to imagine.
When she decided to leave her tower you were able to see the change in her from the moment her foot touched the grass for the first time. With fear and guilt she was determined to make the journey to make her dreams come true. This was one of the best and most life changing decisions she could have made. At the time all she hoped for was to be able to see the lanterns, not knowing she would love the adventure there just as much. If she would have not decided to leave her tower nothing would have come from her life and the light radiating from the exceptionally kind and courageous character. Although it was a hard decision for her it was the most beneficial choice.
There comes a time in most people’s lives where they make a decision that ultimately reveals their passion in life. It can be one of the most frightening decisions to make, but done correctly it would pay off tenfold. Leaving what makes you comfortable will open you up to things you never thought were possible. Proceed with caution so long as you continue going forward.

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