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My grandma once told me, “I remember writing letters to your grandpa while he was in the war. We looked forward to reading each other’s words; it’s what kept us going while we were apart.” I never gave much thought to what she meant by that until after she was gone. Words hold a significant value in relationships, and these words need to be expressed from the soul. That is why I believe that technology has taken away the depth of the meaning of our words and therefore has made a negative impact on society.
This begins within the formative years of a child’s life. Children of today are allowed an overwhelming amount of screen time from even the early age of infancy. Parents use technology as babysitters: at restaurants, at home, in the car, almost everywhere you go. Children have grown to depend on technology to put them to bed instead of the love of a parent tucking them in at night.
Likewise, technology has taken the place of old-fashioned communication between peers as well as within relationships. It is nearly impossible to read a person’s emotions through a text message, and they are even often misunderstood. Emotions are shown through an emoji instead of through face-to-face communication.
Another negative impact brought on by today’s technology is the danger posed by exposure to the internet. TikTok, YouTube, and other sites are threatening the youth and placing them in danger of human trafficking or other deadly scenarios.
Video games have left an extreme impact on today’s youth. The ratings of “Mature” are being exposed to children at an age where the content is almost brainwashing their minds into believing that blood and violence is the way to deal with every day problems. Maybe this is why there have been an abundance of school shootings with teenagers and young adults as the perpetrators.
With that being said, technology does have its benefits. There are several appropriate sites to assist with learning and homework. Furthermore, technology assists with communication with family members that live far away. I have family members that are stationed overseas, and without FaceTime, I would got get to see my little cousins grow up. Technology has allowed me to watch my youngest cousin take her first steps.
I believe that technology has its positive and negative impacts on today’s youth. With the proper guidance and securities set in place, technology can provide a vast majority of opportunities. However, nothing can ever replace the heart to heart communication where words came from the heart and were expressed face to face.

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