Me Before You

Depression is a psychological disorder that is not talked about or taken serious in most situations. Many people believe that depression does not last long or that it is just a call for attention. Depression needs to be taken seriously because it can lead to a life or death situation for someone close to you. I opened my discussion with depression because my favorite movie is about a man whose life turned upside, which led him to state where no person should be. “Me Before You”, is a 2016 romance movie that about how a young, quirky woman comes into the life of a once superstar. The once superstar was a young man who had the fame and the girls and much more. One day he got into a tragic car accident which left him permanently paralyzed. For anyone this would be life changing experience. You can’t do the things that you used to do and have to changes some things about how you lived. The young woman becomes his caregiver and tries to give great experiences and morale moments, all the while not knowing the decision the young man has made for himself. The caregiver later on finds out that the man has planned for assisted suicide in Switzerland. With this news, she plans many trips, activities, and adventures in hopes of him changing his mind. She then confessed her love for him, but was hit was the news that he would still go with his decision. Although she was hurt, she could not do anything about his decision. In a situation like this it can be difficult to process and accept, but, there are so little things that you can do for someone who has their mind set on something so big, The caregiver did as much as she could, to taking him to trips out of the country and do little things like picnics, but his decision remained the same. We can truly know how other feel or what they are going through. Imagine being at the top of the world and all of that disappears at the snap of a finger. If I were in his shoes, I could not leave my family like that. I would take all the help that they would give me and communicate with them. I am not saying that everyone should do that because everyone copes differently. One thing that most people may be aware of is that most men have a difficult time with expressing their feeling. This man chose to hide his emotions behind his sarcasm and seriousness. I know someone who has battled with depression and suicidal thought, and I make sure to ask her how she is and how she is feeling as much as I can without overbearing her. I don’t want her to think that I am doing it because I’m forced to, but I’m doing it because I don’t want to lose her. I would never want to experience a situation like this with anyone close to me, but if the time were to happen I don’t believe that I should disown that person or make them feel even worse than how they are already feeling. This movie showed me that anything can happen to any of us and that we should be grateful for all the good times that we have now, because somewhere out there someone is battling with the unbearable and that someone could have or could be one of us.

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