Separated from Reality

It comes as no surprise that the kids today are growing up in a very different generation than those who came before. Smartphones are the new flip phones, the cameras on phones are the latest polaroid cameras, everything is so much more accessible and there are endless possibilities as to how the latest technology can be used. Young people are growing up in a time where they are experiencing the effects of the latest technological developments firsthand, but what type of impact does this have on them ?
You can see in any movie how life’s ‘supposed’ to be like for children. Spending time with the rest of the neighborhood kids, riding their bikes together, going to the park, chasing down the icecream truck; basically just interacting with kids around their age outside. This is how life was like before technology was not widely used and not as accessible to the average person. Now, the great majority of Americans have a tv and smartphone, all of which could be used by kids. I began to notice a trend that as years go on, the average age of when a child receives their very first phone lowered. My parents say that they, including most of their friends, did not receive their first phone until after they graduated high school, which was the early 2000s. When I was in elementary school about 7 years ago, there were about 2 kids in a classroom of 30 who had a phone. When I would pick up my younger sister from school, who by the way is currently in elementary school, everywhere I look, a child had a phone with them and was focusing on that device rather than talking to the dozens of kids they were surrounded by. It’s amazing to see how much has changed over the years, but would this change be considered a good or bad thing?
I believe there is no right answer, there are many pros as there are cons to how technology is impacting kids. Pro: It allows them to learn new things in a style that is easier for them to grasp. For example, I know many toddlers are learning their ABCs, numbers, colors, and shapes through catchy songs on Youtube, which is much easier for parents than showing them flashcards that kids may not pay as much attention to. Con: it’s easy for kids to access websites they are not supposed to and talk to people who could potentially be dangerous. Children are spending more time living in the digital world rather than being outside and interacting with others, which is sad to say because I believe life is all about being off the screens and with people.
Technology is something children today are growing up surrounded by, and it may come as no surprise that it is something they are relying on for the most basic tasks. By saying “Alexa” or “Siri”, any question in the world could be asked and answered in a matter of seconds, there are vacuums that clean the house themselves without a person guiding it, cars are now able to drive themselves. This is something that may seem extremely advanced to everyone, but it is considered normal to children. This goes to show that children expect technology to do anything and everything for them, leaving them little room to find any significance is doing these tasks themselves. So what is the impact of technology on kids? They are growing a greater reliance to it, and it disconnects them from the real world.

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