Technology in the new world

Technology can be a wonderful help but it can also harm our students today. The benefits that technology has brought has changed the world today starting with modern medicine. Back in the late centuries they did not have the medicine and we have so many that would die of deadly diseases. They also did not have the tools we have when doing surgery, for instance in the war when someone was about to loose one of their limbs they would use Alcohol for the pain and to clean the area and then use a saw to cut the limb off, when we think about this now we would call this unethical but it is all they had. When we think of technology though we think of computers but its not all about computers, tablets, TV , or other electronics. Technology just means ways to make our way of living better. For instance this could even be the invention of the pen or pencils when they used to use a feather and ink. If we keep inventing technology to help improve our daily living it would be great but, there is some down falls to so much technology. one thing that my grandma and dad is always talking about is not knowing how to talk to people face to face or even sending a letter. Another thing is that with technology it can give us things right away so we expect things to come to use right away. The last thing that could be bad is it could possibly take over a lot of jobs and leave some without jobs witch would hurt some households. With All this being said Technology helps in many different ways and help improve daily living but it can also hurt our core values. Technology needs to be used in a moderate way that wont take over.

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