The Beauty of Lia

In the first book of The Remnant Chronicles, The Kiss of Deception, Princess Arabella, or more commonly known as Lia, runs away from her home on her wedding day to live in a town with her best friend to live the life she yearns for, the life of freedom. Her decision to run away from home is a strenuous choice, as she is escaping the only life she has ever known, betraying her family, and ultimately, her kingdom. As Lia and her best friend, Pauline, journey through the kingdom of Morrighan, Lia begins to question her decision, until they enter Terravin. Lia immediately falls in love with the town of vibrant colors and water. Lia and Pauline work at a tavern/inn as waitresses, loving the fun town. But little does Lia know, her dethroned has found her and is posing as a farmer, while an assassin from an enemy kingdom is acting as a pelt trader. While reading the book, the reader does not know who is who, just their names, Kaden and Rafe. Lia begins to feel for both, but one more strongly than the other. After she finds that her brother, heir to the throne, is at risk and his wife passed away from a deadly assault of an enemy kingdom, she decides to return home to fix the mess she made. However, as she begins her voyage back home, she is captured by the assassin and his clan, and forced to make a grueling journey across a deserted, haunted land, where she watches her worst nightmare come true. She also finds a small nomadic village of people who lead her towards her true spiritual self and finds an ally in these strange people.
While Lia’s decision to leave home seemed callous and selfish in the beginning, the reader learns that if Lia had never run away, she would have been forced into a life she did not want, where she was suppressed. Lia also never would have found her true self, her true calling, or her true love. I believe that Lia’s decision is a brave, beautiful one, she knew what she wanted and she took it. She left the only life she ever knew, a life of royalty and security, and found her happy place. She did not let her oppressive parents force her down a path where she would not be happy. Pauline was also very brave in this story, as she was just a handmaiden to the princess, her punishment would have been even more severe than Lia’s, but she loved Lia enough to run away with her to find a life of happiness. I like to think that I could be like Lia, while I will not be running away, I will be moving two and a half hours away to attend college. I will be away from my family and friends in a town that is foreign to me. But hopefully, I will be able to find my true calling, my true friends, and maybe even my true love. Minus, the kidnapping by an assassin of course.

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