The Blind SIde

The blind side, what does that really mean? Someone who is so good to the world but doesn’t receive the same good from the world. Having something taken from you when you have done nothing but be the best human you can be. “The Blind Side” is such a powerful movie to not only me but my whole family. I first watched The Blind Side when I was 13 or so. I cried almost the whole time. But not because it was meant to make you sad or because the plot was sob worthy. But I shed tears because this was a true story. This was someone’s reality. It was nothing but a true story. The problems in this movie/ storyline are real issues still to this day, and getting worse, that people all over the world are having to deal with. Racism, bullying, gangs, shootings, society, adoption are all problems that have a huge impact on the world today. Each time I watch The BLind Side I thought it would get easier to watch because I know what happens, I know the ending. But it only gets harder knowing that what this boy faces, he gets lucky. Some people in this world aren’t so lucky. The Blind Side has not only opened my eyes to a completely different world but it has opened my eyes to the real problems people face everyday. If only someone were to be found every day like Michael and be taken in by such a wonderful caring family, and do what they did for Michael, the world would be such a better place. People in this world do not seem to have the heart to take care of others as if they are their own. People are selfish and find that it is only their responsibility to take care of themselves and worry about no one else. The Blind Side main characters, the Touey family, open their hearts in a way they weren’t expecting. They live on the “right side” of town. They didn’t have to take in a boy with no home and no family. But they did out of the kindness of their hearts. That family gave Michael the life he didn’t think he had a chance of having. Towards the end Leeann says, “I didn’t change Michaels life, he changed mine” That quote runs through my mind all day and I always refer back to it. Making one little move in your life or one little act of kindness could really change the course of someone’s life. Just one act of kindness can give someone the courage they need or the push that they may need to change their life. To me, The Blind Side is someone who takes a situation and turns it around by one action, meaning that they did something, not for the reward but for the satisfaction of helping someone and guiding the =m through whatever it may be that they are going through. One act of kindness. Just one act of kindness can completely change someone’s entire life, so be kind.

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