The future is unpredictable.

Breathtaking and outstanding how the young teens of today including me have adapted to today’s technology, especially with this horrible pandemic going on. Never before in American history have kids used so much technology to their advantage in today’s world, compared to 40 years ago were technology seemed to only exist for big companies and wealthy business people. Now in most recent years, it has appeared kids have used their technology surroundings in order to become more efficient in life and their future selves.
For instance, young phenomenal teens have found the golden ticket to become more successful at an early age by using technology, rather than have a savings account and retire until you reach 60. Young teens such as me use technology to expand our youth minds, which can include information dealing with the stock market and cryptocurrency just by watching YouTube videos or reading informative websites. These kids might later turn into famous influencers or like so many today, establish a programming system at a young age; as time changes these young teens change with it, developing new methods to become wealthier without having to consume most of their youth years by doing the same routine over and over again. Most parents today don’t really understand this concept due to not having the advanced machinery, computers or even telecommunications compared to the kids of today. The internet has to be one of the greatest creations humans have generated in our lifetime, due to its amazing knowledge of expanding children’s mindset in a faster and more efficient way. Kids today will never understand the struggle of going to a specific section in the library, look through every single book in order to discover what you are looking for. In today’s world this would have normally taken three minutes for a better updated version of what we were looking for.
Along with the last paragraph, this has improved the everyday life for young kids diagnosed with life threatening diseases or just for life diagnoses. For example, during my elementary school days when technology had been rarely used by students, special education children were the main ones who struggled with school activities in which technology could have helped them with. Later on as years passed by new technology improved these incredible children’s lives, using tables calmed their anxieties down and they even began to have the courage to start interacting with other students just like me. Their lives have improved so much they even established their own little barista shop in the school, where a great number of students line up in the morning just to support them and continue their coffee shop. Especially with this deadly pandemic going these young teens adapted to their surroundings in order to provide the information needed to pass their curriculums. Cell Phones, computers, zoom calls and even satellites contributed for teens to be connected into society and every occurrence that’s taking place.
In Conclusion, the future is still indecisive for the kids of the future, but a day shall come when the technology of today will seem ancient and almost ridiculous for the kids of the future. Uses for variables of today’s technology might not even exist no more due to fast advances in today’s world.

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