The future of media and entertainment post COVID-19

The world has permanently changed in the last 6 months. Beyond the mask, social distancing, the entertainment industry faces an uncertain future. In fact life has become very uncertain for all.
While the future seems not so sure for the outdoor entertainment, Digital media has an opportunity to design and cater to the majority of people who are home contained for a long period of time.

I think the biggest change that has come is the attitude toward remote work. The customer are working now more from home and so they are spending more time before computer and using electronic gadgets for a long period.

So the programs they would be looking for is relaxing and less straining.
The competition to reach consumer directly is going to be the dominant strategy for all media and entertainment business.

I think Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Verizon, Twitter, Zoom has been the biggest gainer from the COVID -19. I think they will still be very competitive in the near future.

The programs and entertainment cannot be the same old same. It has to be fresh to satisfy the demands of increased media use. Moreover their is a shift of priorities as we progress to the new normal. I believe the balance between work and family is being re-evaluated with all the time at home and so media and entertainment is becoming a large part of our lives.

The consumption of outdoor entertainment is declining and will continue that trend, but higher trend in the consumption of television, gaming, digital world will take over.

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