The Impact of Technology on My Life

At the age of eight I recall a remarkable spark was ignited. The spark would then begin to fuel a flame which would blaze and roar like no other flame. The only way this fire could only be stopped is by burning itself out. I was mesmerized by this spark which was unlike any other, and I ultimately began to learn this fire could either consume one’s self or could blaze a trail unlike any other. This small spark would have a lasting impact on my life. Others might recognize this spark as technology, but I view it as my inspiration and motivation to be great every single day.
My first encounter with the spark was in 2011. Instantly I knew this was unlike anything else I had encountered up until that point. It seemingly grasped my curiosity. My mom had gifted me with my very first computer and I was amazed. She would always push me to be the best person I could be. From an early age I was always interested in the newest innovations. She knew technology was an avenue to learn more and explore my passions. I began to learn about the technological world. Looking back, I still never would’ve thought of the lasting impact the introduction of technology would have on my life. The following year, the day was January 20, 2012, when my whole world was turned upside down. That day my mom passed away. This left me completely devastated; I was no longer inspired or motivated. I never thought I would move on in life, and momentarily allowed this flame to burn out. Slowly thereafter I summoned the courage to ignite the spark. This spark ignited a flame, and this flame burned on inside of me. This flame would push me to be the best I could possibly be. I was determined to blaze a trail, and not allow myself to burn out. I realized before she departed this Earth; she had left me with a gift that would always possess a lasting effect on my life. I began viewing technology as an extension of her. As I was blazing my own trail, I was also making her proud. I would begin to delve deeper into technology by exploring the world of coding. I was mesmerized with the foundation that made technology possible. I also fell in love with the problem solving and complexity aspect; which challenged me to think in an innovative way. I knew the future of the world would revolve around this spark.Technology was the small spark; that would fuel me to blaze my own path.
To conclude, technology gave me the strength and courage to grow as a person in a time that I absolutely needed it. Initially technology was the spark that began to light a fire. Ever since technology has consistently allowed the passionate flame in me to keep on going, and I have no plans to allow this fire to smother anytime soon. Similar to a quote once stated by Richard L. Peterson, “Imagination is the spark that ignites the fire of creativity”. In my case technology is the spark that ignites my fire of passion, which allows me to pursue my dreams. All in all when one has the opportunity to find his/her own spark; he/she should seize that chance and never release it.

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