The Parents

I am only 19, and I can already see the impact of new technology coming out every other day taking pieces away from kids being kids. Throughout my entire childhood, I was always active. I played kick the can on my street with all my friends in the neighborhood. I did gymnastics, swimming, track, climbed trees, played tag, road bikes to coffee shops or to get breakfast, hiked, and anything else in-between. Even today, when I am making plans to hang out with friends or want to do something, it isn’t sit around and play video games or watch Netflix. But I also didn’t have the same types of technology these younger kids do.
A major factor into the negative impact of technology is the rising obesity, which inevitably leads to many other problems- like poor cardiovascular health, and vitamin D deficiency, which is proven to lead to depression- another thing many children are facing more nowadays. Now, there are young kids that are depressed, who then start taking unnecessary medication all because they don’t go outside and are active enough, and it’s excruciatingly sad. And although I’ve emphasized the younger generation, it is my generation too. It is making other young adults my age depressed, lazy, overweight, and unhappy with their lives being tied to Playstations, X-boxes, and anything else- yet they don’t even realize it’s one of the reasons for everything I listed.
Not to mention the violence in some of the things that my generation and the younger kids are playing. They are throwing grenades, shooting every type of gun you can imagine, throwing axes, stabbing people, and encouraging one another to do the same. This could easily impact statistics about aggression in mine and the generation right below me in upcoming years.
What ties all of this together in to become an awful present? The parents. The parents are the ones behind all of these issues, and most of them don’t realize it. I understand they are super busy with work, and taking care of the family, bills, pets, house, etc., but you shouldn’t just hand your child an iPhone to play games on when they are complaining about going to the grocery store. This will adapt them to know that when they complain, you give them your phone rather than interacting with the world around them. No interaction with society will then create social problems with children that could lead to more problems with communication across millions of people in the world in just a few short years.
With all of this, it is clearly evident on the negative impacts that technology has created in the younger generations today, and there really is no reversing it. As the world continues to progress with more futuristic creations becoming the new reality, the health of millions of people will start to decline gradually over the years as it has continued to do so for decades, and who do I think is really to blame? The parents that use technology to do their job for them, and then wonder why they don’t have a connection with their kids when they are a teenager or young adult.

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