The Power of The Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has developed a significant psychological impact over the years, especially on young, developing brains. However, the impact is not only limited to children, but also includes lost teenagers/adults which seek a way to cope with their problems and find their place in society. Having the wrong focus for the majority of my high school years had rendered me lost and ignorant as to who I really was. At the end of my junior year in high school, I gathered strength from the support of my friend and cut off all toxic ties which had unknowingly been draining my youth, time, and energy. Afterwards, I was left to my own devices- forced to gather strength from my isolation in order to battle off these leeches who wouldn’t leave me be. I was trying my best to cope with the situation, however, I still felt weak and powerless. Everything changed the day I decided to watch anime over my cousin’s shoulder. She had been encouraging me to watch with her, but I had been too preoccupied with schoolwork to join her. That day, we watched it for hours on end until exhaustion took over- I was hooked. Since that night, we made it a habit to watch anime together every afternoon and it brought us closer together. Eventually, we changed it to a nightly routine including my younger brother. I fell deep into anime’s addicting grasp, as not only was it a coping mechanism for my loneliness, but it brought me closer to my family and strengthened our bonds. Through anime, I learned many important lessons as well as found inspiration and an impressive strength within each character. Every new anime was a new set of adventures to embark upon, a new set of characters to admire, and a new set of lessons to learn. These fictional characters and plots made such a deep impact on me that I turned my entire life around. Lessons my parents had been drilling into me for years suddenly made sense and I found my own purpose for life. I developed healthy eating and exercising habits (with tips from my health/P.E. summer courses), took as much household responsibility as I could handle, applied for a challenging restaurant job, sharpened my focus/dedication to my studies, invested the freed up time into developing strong relationships with my family, and shone with a vibrant, colorful personality I had been suppressing all along. Anime shook me to my roots and acted as a wake up call, encouraging me to pursue my own happiness and success. The strength and determination of the characters inspire me every single day to accept life’s challenges with a smile, and I long to have an impact as big as the one they had on me. Out of any book, movie, or television program, none had as powerful an impact as anime. No matter what I’m feeling- whether it be sad, lonely, nostalgic, or happy, anime never fails to renew a flame of determination in me. My life will never be the same again, as I have broken the self-imposed chains I’ve carried throughout high school and will never dwell in the dark past. My goal is to attend college without placing any financial burden on my parents and prove to them I am a determined, independent individual who will succeed, no matter the challenge. Every single penny I earn will be won with my own sweat, tears, and effort. I refuse to let the efforts of my family be in vain or let any opportunity pass by.

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