The Technological Age

The realities of advanced technology is no longer a prospective possibility in the future. Rather the affects are seen today on our youth. Typically the majority of people who utilize social media and cell phones are younger people. The creation of the portable and powerful cell phone is a very useful one for young people. One of the benefits of the cell phone is easier access to information. Rather than having to go to a library and check out a book, in order to find any information you just have to type a string of words in Google. Information is more available now than it ecer was in the past. However, this does have a negative effect on skills such as how to use a library. We must wonder if as a result, things like libraries will eventually cease to exist. In my opinion the benefits of technology outweigh the negatives. Another negative is the lack of in person social skill development. The ability to say anything behind a screen can make it harder for a young kid to actually physically verbalize things to another person. I think that this is a drawback that might possibly be around forever. However, the power of technology is shaping our youth into capable and smart leaders for our future.

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