The Unspoken Impact of Technology

Over the past few decades, technology has advanced extremely rapidly to get us where we are today. We have gone from landlines to handheld telephones, from huge wired headphones to wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and from manually controlled cars to vehicles that can drive using autopilot. Society has come to rely on technology for everyday use. While this advancement is immensely beneficial, it is also withholding a normal, nature filled childhood from kids of today and tomorrow.

Without the technology we have access to today, education would not move as fast as it does. The use of computers in classrooms and school buildings allows easier access to records. It also allows an innumerable amount of resources without having to waste paper or other materials. Unfortunately for some, it is a struggle to keep up as technology engulfs education, but it is beyond profitable for the students growing up in this new age. Access to the internet makes research easier in case of confusion or not understanding. Additionally, there are so many websites and computer programs for all subjects available for students of all grade levels to use. Finally, websites and apps used in the education system make it easier for parents to keep up with their child’s grades and any difficulties they may face in school. The advancements that have taken place and are continuing to take place are a step in the right direction of ensuring every child receives the education they deserve.

Technology has indeed provided us with a multitude of opportunities, including medical progress and safer job options. However, the more it advances, the more it takes over our lives. Children today as young as one year old know how to use electronic devices. It is safe to say they are more understanding of devices at developmental ages than some adults in their forties are. Nowadays, it is more likely to see a child holding a tablet or cell phone than it would be to see them playing with a toy or outdoors. Children are being deprived of a childhood spent outdoors playing at playgrounds, in water, or in sand. In replacement of these normal experiences, children are often put in front televisions or other electronic devices because it is more efficient for parents. They are now more likely to receive electronic devices as gifts instead of toys or books appropriate for their age. If this reliance on technology continues, children of future generations will not know how to live without the help of it.

Despite all of its faults, technology is an essential part of life for children today and tomorrow. It may be depriving children of what some would consider a normal childhood, but it is an ever-growing part of education needed to ensure the success of future generations. The advancements have only succeeded in making life easier, but is dangerous in that it could be something people learn to rely on. Technology is impacting today’s children and the children of tomorrow in every aspect of their lives, some good and some bad.

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