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Even though technology has revolutionized the world, there are still some significant disadvantages to technology. Technology has given humanity many opportunities but it has also taken away many opportunities. Since technology has evolved to become a part of everyday life, it has hindered some basic human skills. It has also led to the creation of inventions that may negatively impact humanity in the future. Over time technology has led to a decrease in creativity, has caused humans to become more dependent on it, and could affect the jobs of future generations.
In this time period, using technology to accomplish certain tasks is seen as normal. Technology is all around us; it can be used in school, at home, or at work. Some people believe that technology can increase one’s creativity due to the information that is readily available on the internet which is true. However, technology can also hinder the growth of creativity. For example, in source 1 scientific research states, “We need time to daydream as daydreaming boosts our creativity. If we’re filling any possible downtime with scrolling through devices, are we inhibiting that daydream time? Creativity is often referred to as a “use it or lose it” discipline.” Creativity is a skill that has to be consistently used in order for it to flourish. If that skill is suppressed by the fast pace of technology then how will it grow? If a human’s creativity is limited then that could lead a child to become dependent on technology.
A dependency on technology is not a positive trait. “This dependence has not only made human beings’ life so facilitated, comforted and luxurious but also this dependence has made him lazy, sluggish and somewhat weak and feverish physically.”(source 2) When an individual solely relies on technology it can also affect their health. It can lead to neck problems, vision problems, memory problems, etc. Not only can technology affect health but it can also affect the financial income of the working class.
Since technology has evolved to accomplish tasks faster than humans, it could affect whether children will be able to apply to have certain jobs in the future. In the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie’s dad worked in a toothpaste factory where he screwed the caps on the toothpaste. After a while, the dad was replaced by a machine that could screw more caps on the tubes in the same amount of time. This meant that Charlie’s family no longer had a consistent amount of income. When comparing the movie to today’s times, this is still very relevant. There will always be unemployed people, even children today who will grow up in the future because they were replaced by a technological device that is more efficient and that requires no consistent paycheck.
In conclusion, technology has left a mark on the world today and for the future ahead. As a result, technology has impacted creativity, unemployment rates for future generations, and health. On a positive note, technology does in fact have some advantages that have changed the world for the better. However, technology may never completely satisfy all aspects of life. Will the positives be able to outweigh the negatives in the long run?

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