Tomorrow’s Technological Kids – Stuart Bienenstock Playground Scholarship

Technology is drastically changing the way kids learn, and will continue that revolution for many years to come. There are a lot of benefits that come with children using technology, but there are plenty of disadvantages too. A few of many benefits include having devices for a wide range of communication with friends and family, having an readily available source of education, a tool for honing problem solving, and early exposure to a necessity that is used today. However, there are many harmful effects for children to be exposed to technology at an early age, which include dependability, a sense of virtual accomplishment, lack of social skills and isolation, and deficiency of creativity.
Much of the youth who are exposed to technology can communicate with their friends and family over long distances through various means; while call, text, video chat and email functions are readily available on almost any device, there are also plenty of social media applications to choose from. Technology has also become just as readily available in education as well. There are a lot of websites and applications that teach just about any subject for any age range. Technology also teaches kids how to problem solve, usually academically or recreationally. This is usually in through different interactive online classrooms and games. Children also get plenty of early exposure to a tool that is widely used today. Lastly, technology has all the information any kid would want right at their fingertips, with a lot of knowledge pertaining to the smallest animals and the largest planets. However, despite these benefits, there are some costs. With various long distance communication methods comes the inability to communicate face to face. With early exposure with a readily available tool comes a dependency on it. Social media creates a need of virtual accomplishment and the inability to use traditional creativity modes, such as coloring and drawing on paper or writing.

With today’s effects of technology, tomorrow could follow a similar pattern unless this generation teaches the next on how to use it in a healthy manner. With this generation that is already exposed to social media platforms and long distance communication, the next generation could either be more self conscious about their image online or learn that their online presence does not matter at all. Children who are already exposed to so much information on the internet could either become more dependent in learning online – which comes with isolation from their peers – or be much more knowledgeable at an early age. With this upcoming generation learning how to use technology early on, it could influence their creativity as well, either having a tablet that is their only means of artistic expression or one of many.
The next generation that is very creative tech savvy children who are not self conscious about virtual achievement is only possible with teaching them how to use responsibly while also learning what really matters when using the internet, and unless this course of action is taken, the only other result are isolated, technology dependents, self conscious about online achievement.

While it is marvelous to see a generation that can easily use powerful technology at such an early age, there must always be a way of using it in healthy doses and not making a tech-dependent generation. Valuable skills could be lost without this balance. However, with teaching children how to be responsible on the internet while also showing them how to use traditional real-world skills, we would have a new generation of safe and healthy internet users.

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